This week, it was reported that 50 Cent and Nas' baby mamas were planning on teaming up for their own reality show. Nas' former partner, Carmen Bryan, recently released her book When The Child Support Stops and seemed poised to transition smoothly into the world of reality television. There is already so much drama in the realm of reality TV and this would have been the latest attempt for two women to get into the game until 50 Cent threatened to shut it down. His exact words when he found out were "get a fucking job," hitting his ex Shaniqua Tompkins with a "get the strap" for good notice. While Fiddy may claim to have the power (pardon the pun) to have her TV show halted, Tompkins is clearly unbothered by the threats.

She hopped on a call with TMZ to explain her side of the story, saying that there's really no reason for Fif to dislike her. In her mind, all she did was leave the relationship and her ex-partner is angry that she has no intentions of getting back together. She responded to the threat, saying, "He doesn't have the power that he claims he has," said Tompkins with a big smile on her face. She continued, "I'm the only one that was there from the beginning that can expose who he really is. He's scared, he's frightened."

She added that she never signed any papers saying that she couldn't do any reality shows, accusing 50 of defamation and assuring him that he'll never successfully bully her or her child. Check out the latest update in this dramatic unfolding.