Texas is no Queens but it seems that 50 Cent is adapting well to his new environment. Earlier this week, the rapper announced that he was moving to Houston, though he maintained that his love for New York City remains strong. It's not entirely clear why he's there but one could suspect it has something to do with television production. 

Romain Maurice/Getty Images

Anyways, the rapper's clearly enjoying his time in Houston these days. On Friday, the rapper appeared at Rodeo Houston for the 2021 Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition where he became the Reserve Grand Champion for Le Chemin du Roi. Unfortunately, he did take an L during the evening while betting alongside other wealthy folks for a bottle of wine. The rapper said he put up $175K for a bottle and he ultimately ended up losing. 

"When they told me I won, I almost fainted. I was really excited," Fif told ABC 13. "I am very proud of this."

The rapper's appearance in Houston this weekend had many locals thrilled. Fif was spotted with several fans, posing for pictures with a massive cowboy hat on. 

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner publicly welcomed Fif to the city with an IG post of the two during a toy drive. "It is great to hear that you have chosen our city as your new home. Welcome to the most diverse city in the nation," he wrote. 

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