50 Cent, whose hit show Power begins its fourth season shortly, chose to weigh in on Lil Uzi Vert's shirt meme that sent hip-hop fans into an online frenzy yesterday. Posting to his Instagram account, 50 said "This the new s*** ok, [I] don't think I'm a do this one. LOL." 

The social media firestorm began when a photo of Lil Uzi in a torn, punk-rock style was mocked by Waka Flocka for being "rock" and not hip-hop. That began another hearty debate between users across Instagram and Twitter and, although he had some defenders, most people recoiled at the fashion choice.

The best part about all this? Apparently the shirt cost Uz over $2,000. Money aside, I seriously doubt that we'll see Fif (or many others for that matter) change his stance on the shirt and whether they'll fall in step with the new trend.

Check out the full post from 50 Cent below.