Last night, 50 Cent finally made his directorial debut, running the show behind-the-scenes on the latest episode of Power. The iconic New York rapper has been slowly infiltrating the world of television and film and this week was a big step for him, snapping the director's clapper and ensuring that things happened his way. After the episode aired, the superstar took to social media to brag about how good he's feeling, telling everyone that it may be time to step away from STARZ altogether.

JC Olivera/Getty Images

"Now that I’m a big director and all, STARZ can’t afford to pay me to do another episode of POWER," joked the first-time director. "I think I’ll do the next MARVEL MOVIE. if it doesn’t require to much of my time. LOL."

With Marvel's extensive slate of upcoming releases being revealed a few weeks ago, 50 Cent has a shot if he wants to throw his name in the hat for one of them. However, his relative lack of directorial experience may sway the major studio to look elsewhere. Still, after last night's episode of Power, we're sure some people will be rooting for him to continue sitting in the director's chair. Do you think he'd be a good fit for future projects in that capacity or should he stick to entertaining in front of the camera?