50 Cent and Rick Ross are no longer going head-to-head in court, Fif is still dealing with some residual issues from his legal battle with Rozay's baby mother, Lastonia Leviston. According to The Blast, the rapper is demanding permission to depose his Chief Legal Officer of the Reed Smith LLP, Michael Scott. He accused of Reed Smith LLP of malpractice, which they've denied, arguing that Scott "never performed any work for Jackson in the Leviston Matter and has no personal knowledge about the facts of that case.”

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Fif lost the case against Leviston and the judge awarded her $7M. Fif turned around and sued the law firm for $32M but they argued, “Mr. Scott’s only connection to the Leviston Matter has been to serve as Reed Smith’s general counsel by giving Reed Smith and Peter Raymond legal advice and by representing them at a settlement meeting with counsel for Jackson prior to the filing of any malpractice claim.”

“The facts concerning Mr. Scott’s pertinence to this matter are, however, slightly more nuanced," 50 replied in court papers. "At the inception of this matter, Mr. Scott participated in conversations with the undersigned, and represented himself as Reed Smith’s Chief Legal Officer. In that role, Mr. Scott is undoubtedly intimately familiar with, and consequently can testify to, Reed Smith’s policies and procedures.”

We'll keep you updated on any more developments.