50 Cent's trolling ways have surely evolved since "How To Rob." Though the notorious single certainly foreshadowed his evolution into a mastery of mischief, we never expected to be reliving his beef with Ja Rule throughout 2018. Granted, since both have moved on from music, the diss tracks have instead become petty online exchanges, primarily done through Instagram and Twitter. Recently, 50 slid through with a particularly trollish move, allegedly buying 200 tickets to a Ja Rule concert, strictly so the first few rows would be empty. 

Given the overall appreciation for the Shady/Aftermath feud, many have come to appreciate any renewed spark. Over the weekend, an SNL skit seemed to side with 50, further pouring salt in Ja's wounds. In true 50 fashion, the legendary rapper shared the skit, along with a digital shrug, as if to say "what did I do?" Ja has yet to comment.  

On The Massacre, 50 Cent once referred to himself as "Gatman." Is it, therefore, safe to conclude that Ja Rule is the Joker in this analogy? Despite a mutual sense of animosity, they seem to "complete each other," as Heath Ledger's depiction so famously uttered. Can one truly exist without the other? 50 Cent and Ja have been warring for years, from full-fledged tilts to passive-aggressive "love taps." Though this year has seemingly revived the long-dormant beef, it seems entirely possible that 50 and Ja have been feuding behind the scenes; when "best debut albums of all time" conversation pops off at the Murda Inc monthly supper, best believe Ja Rule has enacted a strict ban on any and all things Get Rich Or Die Tryin.