It feels like everybody has shared their opinion on Cardi B's breakup with Offset. While not many celebrities have spoken out about the split, the most outspoken sources have offered their two cents: Lil Duval, and now 50 Cent. Earlier today, Duval pledged for the two rappers to get back together for the (k?)culture. 50 Cent decided to chime in as he sent a message to Offset, offering some advice on how he can get his girl back.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Things must have been pretty extreme for Cardi B to publicly state that she's no longer in love with Offset online last week. While it may take some time to build the bond back up, Fiddy seems to believe the two can work it out. He shared a video of Cardi's recent performance where she changed her "MotorSport" lyrics to reference her divorce process, and he added, "No you not getting a divorce, offset." The rapper didn't bother tagging the Migos member in the post, simply hoping he would fall upon it while scrolling. 50 continued, "Go get her man. I don't give a fuck what she say just kiss her ass man fuck it." 

Fif was so caught up in his feelings that he didn't even add one of his trademark hashtags. There is no "get the strap," "Chemin du Roi," or "positive vibes only" mention in sight.