50 Cent is no stranger to the boxing realm. His boxing stable, SMS Promotions was short-lived but offered him a gateway into a sport he grew up following. He managed a few boxers, promoted a few cards, all in the name of a sport he loved, until of course his assets ran dry. He also partnered with Floyd Mayweather before the pair famously split, and then made up. But their dealings are hard to make out, at least inasmuch as money is concerned.

50 took to Instagram to air out his grievances over the most recent development in the boxing world. The much anticipated rematch between Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Gennady 'Triple G' Golovkin has been called due to former failing two consecutive drug tests. Their initial encounter was ruled a draw, with many fans believing it to be a fudged result. Incidentally the May 5 date was penciled in for a rematch in Las Vegas. There was a strong belief that Canelo was simply biding his time, waiting for Gennady to keel over.

50 Cent issued a 'smh' in frustration over the fight cancellation. He posted a picture of Canelo looking utterly despondent with his eyes cast down. For what it's worth, 50 tells his audience that he believes Gennady was the true winner by a wide margin, in the first fight. His belief is hardly unpopular, many fight fans were equally frazzled by the scorecards on that night. On a sorrowful note, 50 does seem to have a modicum of sympathy for the Mexican fighter. The verdict to ban Canelo is a loss for everyone involved: fight fans and bookers alike.