There is no doubt that a few rappers work harder than others to maintain their summer bodies. While he may have been considered skinny and lanky at a time, Wiz Khalifa is showing off his new jacked body every chance he gets and 50 Cent has been beefing up for a while in preparation for his Frigo campaign. Snoop Dogg has also been hard at work in the gym and their three respective fanbases have taken notice. Using boxing and MMA training to maximize their workouts, some of their fans have been taking bets on who would win in a fight between the three.

Taking notice of the memes, Snoop innocently reposted a photo comparing the three on his Instagram saying that he would lose against Wiz but that, in his 50 bout, Fiddy is "getting the strap." Using his own hashtag against him, Fif was none too impressed, taking a screenshot and making an upload of his own. The executive producer of Power added, "Damn so wiz can win but l gotta get shot the fuck up @snoopdogg we friends fool. LOL 😕get the strap." Although all three would probably have a good chance in the ring, Wiz may have the advantage on both of them as he has been working on his technique for months now, putting in hours on a daily basis.

Well-known for his trolling antics on social media, 50 Cent recently went after Lil Uzi Vert for his stage attire, clowning him for wearing what appears to be a BDSM harness during a performance. If 50, Wiz and Snoop were to meet in a WWE-style Triple Threat match, who's your pick to win?