If there's one thing that 50 Cent knows how to do, it's making money. The music and entertainment mogul has consistently remained relevant in the industry by various means of trolling and engaging in film and television ventures. Making entrepreneurial deals since he was recording music full-time, Fif set himself up to live comfortably for the rest of his life. Even though he has filed for bankruptcy in the past, he has always made it past his financial struggles, battling through to remain one of the highest-paid faces in music and Hollywood. After his hashtag "Get The Strap" unexpectedly took off, 50 is making bank on the saying, turning the viral catchphrase into his most recent business endeavor.

Of course, we're talking about merch, ladies and gentlemen. Because is a tagline really effective if it hasn't been printed on t-shirts? 50 Cent decided it was probably best not to find out, producing "Get The Strap" merchandise to be owned by all and showing off the white variation of the t-shirt and cap on his Instagram. While he did not make mention of his new branded clothing, the star noted that he was back at the gym, training hard for the summer. Rocking the "Get The Strap" hat and shirt, Fiddy made them just as noticeable as they needed to be and it's what everyone is discussing in the comments section.

Available now on the G-Unitwebsite, the new apparel is affordable at $29.99 for a tee and $39.99 for a hat. Are you copping?