50 Cent and 6ix9ine were once so close. Some say they used to play catch in the yard, with 50 helping the rainbow-haired rapper perfect his technique. It wasn't always easy. 50 and 6ix9ine occasionally bumped heads, though at the end of the day, Fif never quite gave up on his little buddy. At least, not until the feds did a sweep. In the wake of 6ix9ine's impending federal charges, which may very well spell life in prison for the rapper, 50 has taken to Instagram to turn his back on the son he never asked for, but loved nonetheless. 

"My son got picked up, I told him don’t call me," writes 50, in an Instagram post. "Shit. The Fed’s on you fool. Call ya momma. Don’t put the FBI on my phone." For what it's worth, 50's use of the sad face emoji alludes to a moral dilemma, though ultimately, he's never been one to go down with the ship. Next thing you know, 50 will have moved on from his former progeny, faster than one can cry "daddy, noooo!" 

As for Tekashi's ultimate fate, it would appear the plot runs thick. A report indicates that the feds ultimately aimed to protect the young rapper, as they felt his life was in danger. After being spurned, they decided it may be wiser to arrest 6ix9ine instead, in order to prevent a gang war from occurring. For now, the details remain scarce, though one thing is evident: the trial of 6ix9ine is about to commence.