For weeks, 50 Cent has shifted his main rival list from Floyd Mayweather and Ja Rule to Teairra Mari and Young Buck. Some believe he's downgraded but others are just as entertained with the new material the rapper has had to work with. The master troll has come through strong, capitalizing on business opportunities that have presented themselves as a result of his feuds. With Teairra Mari, he managed to make some money off of their legal dispute and with Buck, he's already launched a GoFundMe page to support him. After his former G-Unit ally said that his "days are numbered" after unleashing a barrage of memes on him, 50 Cent has officially fired back and he's using Buck's own words against him.

When the rumours started flying around about the rapper possibly being involved in a relationship with a transgender woman, Buck quickly took to his socials to shut down those reports. He filmed a video saying that he is not gay, denying any involvement with the woman in question. Fiddy decided to flip that video against him, posting it to his own page and juxtaposing shots of a critic talking shit. "Ain't my goddamn fault you gay, boy," says the man in the video. "Just come on out the closet."

The LGBT population is unfortunately still not accepted within the hip-hop community and while that hopefully will change soon, Young Buck is currently getting clowned for sheer rumours of a relationship with a trans woman. Now, we wait for his response.