Since this summer, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has been romantically involved with Jamira Haines, a woman who goes by Cuban Link online. The fitness trainer and aspiring lawyer has found herself on the receiving end of some trollery by her world-famous boyfriend, getting roasted after their bowling date and often finding her photos on his social media pages. This weekend, a similar situation took place after Jackson re-purposed one of her recent selfies to have another quick laugh involving Jamira's selfie game.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Looking naturally gorgeous in a photo taken on her new iPhone 11, Jamira Haines likely didn't expect her man to come through roasting this particular shot but, as you all know, 50 Cent will find literally anything to crack a joke about. Uploading the same image to his proper account, Fif noted that this exact photo is the reason why he needed to change his phone number. "This is why my phone # changed," joked Jackson. "Got Damn, that’s not ya phone @_cuban_link Look if she call you bitch, I don’t know you. Matter fact who da fuck are you."

These two have a pretty playful relationship, often managing to tie in the other on their online jokes. Haines commented on the shot, adding a bunch of devil-headed emojis to confirm that she is in on the fun. What do you think of this couple?