50 Cent never takes a day off, so it seems. The rapper/part-time-Instagram-troller was back at the usual antics today, even if it's a holiday. After hitting up the car dealership and gifting himself with a new vehicle, Fif took to Instagram to wish his followers a Merry Christmas, albeit, at the expense of Adrian Broner.

This is most definitely not Fif's first time taking aim at Adrien, at the beginning of the month he was coming at Adrien's feet. Today, he's shared a "Merry Christmas" photo of a rather fat, red underwear-and-suspenders-wearing man, who has Adrien's face photoshopped on top. It comes complete with a Santa Claus hat, too. Adrien looks skeptical, at best, in the photoshopped image. It's understandable, though.

50 writes with the photo, "Merry Christmas from AB said he gonna knock Pac-Man the fuck out. I know it’s Christmas but who want da smoke." 

So, does anyone else want smoke with Fif for Christmas? 

He followed up the above post with another, evidently, he does not have much confidence in Adrien Broner. Check it out below and let us know what you think, will Broner be defeated by Pacquiao?

The fight goes down in Las Vegas on January 19th.