50 Cent's astute business mind continues to pay off in spades, as the lovable "Chemin Du Roi" fiend has decided to cop a pair of new automobiles for the Christmas holidays. Perhaps the success of Power made the purchase possible. Perhaps it was the still-dominant streaming revenues. In any case, 50 found himself indulging in the spirit of giving, albeit to himself.

Taking to his favorite hangout - the Gram - Fif shared a few pictures from his trip to the dealership, including the two new additions to his catalog. "They don’t let you do this in the Dealership until you pay for them," writes 50, alongside a photo of him sitting on the roof of his new Lamborghini Aventador. "Lemonade drip on these hoe’s." 

He also copped himself a new Rolls Royce, white, and once again found himself perched atop it. "If I like it I’m getting it, if you don’t like it don’t watch. Positive Vibes," writes 50. In order to complete the stunt, Fif made sure to share literal receipts, which total to $440, 840 spent at the Bespoke Motor Group. Even his impulse buys are different.