A simple video of 50 Cent playfully throwing Tony Yayo into a bush caused quite a commotion on Instagram yesterday, as 50 couldn't help but turn it into something shady. Meek Mill posted the video to his Instagram as a joke, and rather than having a laugh about it, Fif decided to take the opportunity to stir the pot, commenting, “That’s us playing, but you do be around some ni66as I will put on there head. No bullshit.”

While it's possible this was aimed at Rick Ross, Trav and Slowbucks-- two rappers who have had their issues with 50 in the past, and also have a rapport with Meek --were quick to respond, each taking their thoughts to Meek's comment section.

“Again if he was talking bout me he would’ve said my name I don’t respect Subliminals and I ain’t Neva see nobody die from a PUSH but niggaz die from Bullets,” wrote Trav, referring to a 2013 incident in which 50 shoved him at a performance with Meek.

Slowbucks then came through talking about the infamous snatching of his chain during G-Unit's set at Summer Jam, posting, “Smfh I rather go threw what I did again & get jumped & robbed 4 sticking up 4 myself then to stick around I have another grown man violate me & when ever they feel like it.. You couldn’t pay me that much money in the world.. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now... #standForSomethingOrFallForAnthing where’s your #integrity @ ? Where’s yout #morals @ how about your #dignity ?”

This will probably blow over, but it's clear that Slowbucks and Trav's feuds with 50 are far from resolved.

Check out the video and 50's comment below.