The feud between 50 Cent and Wendy Williams will seemingly never end. For the last year, it's been mostly one-sided with 50 Cent continually antagonizing the talk show host, which she usually ignores. The rare occasions where Wendy has spoken about Fif on her show have come in the form of passing comments, like the one during her segment with Juvenile and Birdman. The duo was on her show recently to chat about their brand new album, bringing back Cash Money ideals and Baby's face tattoos. Birdman has been telling people that he wants to get his facial tats removed because he's "grown up" and Wendy asked him about the decision. Stunna said that he was talking to 50 Cent about his choice to remove his face tattoos, to which Wendy responded that she was also thinking about the rapper. That remark didn't sit well with Curtis.

Piyal Hosain/Getty Images

"This bitch talking about, I was thinking of him too," wrote 50 Cent in an Instagram post, replaying the video for his fans to watch. "Why you thinking about me Crack Head," he added, poking fun at her recent struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. None of Curtis' ire was directed at Birdman, who he shouted out at the beginning of the post.

One thing is for sure, 50 Cent is not willing to let things go with his longtime rival. Considering much of his trolling has been aimed at Wendy Williams this week, there's a very strong possibility that she'll be making it into our next "targets" article.