50 Cent hasn't toured in years, but he'll finally hit the road sometime after February. He talked to Ryan Seacrest about how "My Life" came together with Adam Levine as well.

"I had to put it together, I wrote it almost two years ago. It took me a while to put it together (to get the sound I wanted). I had to fly to Detroit to get him to do the record, and he was creatively set on some other things that he had worked on that he thought would be the right collaboration for me and him..." The two toyed around with a few songs, but Fiddy insisted on this track. "Every time I go through the actual album process with him, I fall in love with the things that he don't end up using."

He also said he'd go on tour with a live band "sometime after February" so that people actually get a chance to listen to the record. "I put my own band together... A lot of artists and musicians work with other bands when they're not working."

In a different interview with DJ Pub Dawg, he briefly states that he'll likely tour with Eminem given he's also releasing a record. He also goes on about promoting boxing, investing in the website Howstuffworks.com, and straight-to-DVD films.