Each week, we detail all of 50 Cent's targets of the week. It's become a regular series that we publish on the weekend because, well, sometimes with 50 Cent there's just too much to keep track of. From the way things have gone since Monday, it definitely looks like Floyd Mayweather will be holding the No. 1 spot this week. Their feud goes back years and recently, Fif decided to pick things back up. The boxer has been ignoring him online but Fiddy couldn't care any less, continuing to clown his rival for every little thing he does. He provided commentary over a video of Money Mayweather flexing his jewelry, clowning with by laughing throughout the entire thing. Now, he's commenting on Floyd's recent decision to spend a fortune at Gucci during their blackface crisis.

Yesterday, Floyd was picked up by TMZ photographers as he entered the Gucci store, noting that he doesn't follow trends. He walked out with plenty of shopping bags, reminding the paparazzi that he isn't fazed by the backlash. 50 Cent criticized him for it, offering some advice that he might want to consider. "Champ you need a publicist," wrote the rapper. "Man you saying all the wrong shit fool."

Many of his fans were waiting on the incoming Floyd shade after he flaunted his wealth at the Gucci store. Fif followed up his post with another one this morning, saying that he would be donating all of his Gucci garments to homeless people. Are you team 50 or team Floyd?