50 Cent stays busy in multiple lanes. When he's not working on music for Animal Ambition and possibly Street King Immortal, he's kept himself busy with roles in TV production, and motion pictures as well.

Fiddy is an executive producer in the new TV show "Power" for STARZ network, and now we've learned that he's taking on an acting role in an upcoming comedy film titled "Spy." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is set to star Melissa McCarthy and centers around McCarthy as a CIA analyst, who goes into the field for the very first time.

The cast reportedly also includes Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Bryne, Nia Long and more. At this time it's unclear where 50 will fit into the plot, but word is he will be playing himself.

The film will be directed by Paul Fieg, and will start shooting in Budapest in April. In addition to this, 50 Cent just finished up shooting a role in the film "The Prince", a crime movie starring John Cusack and Bruce Willis.