In case you hadn't noticed, it's been a slow news day, folks. As such, we thought we'd bring this moment of homage to light, given Ferrari F's recent departure from Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope / Shady Records.

Fif took to Instagram yesterday and posted an image of himself in the studio with Eminem, accompanied by the following caption: "I traveled a lot of places. Met a lot of people. But EM is my favorite. He gave me my shot, man. That's all I needed. I ran with it." (This was followed by the obligatory #SMSAUDIO hashtag, of course.) Check out the post in the gallery above, if you wish.

It's good to know these two are still on good terms, especially with 50's proposed comeback on the horizon. His new album Animal Ambition is slated to drop on June 3rd, and so far we've heard "Pilot", "Don't Worry Bout It", "Hold On" and "Smoke", his latest single, which you can listen to below. Trey Songz contributes to the hook and offers a verse of his own as well, the track itself having been produced by Dr. Dre and Dawaun Parker.

Are ya'll looking forward to the project or what?