Black Mafia Family co-founder Terry "Southwest T" Flenory was released from prison this week and already, 50 Cent is starting to fight the man's battles for him. He warned people that he would be bringing back his debt-collector persona "Fofty" if people refused to send funds to Southwest T and that has begun. On Tuesday (May 5), Fif came after Irv Gotti and urged the music executive to come through with what he borrowed years ago. Now, it would appear as though Diddy is being targeted.

Sharing a photo of Diddy on Instagram, 50 Cent sent a clear message to the mogul: it's time to pay up.

Diddy 50 Cent
Rich Polk/Getty Images

"T home puff he said um, he want his fucking money," said 50 Cent on behalf of Southwest T. "I’m not tripping, and i know you ain’t tripping so just holla at him."

This message is far less aggressive than the one that was sent to Irv Gotti. Clearly, Fiddy has more respect for Puff.

For the last several years, 50 Cent has been working on the development of a new television series about Black Mafia Family. The show was recently picked up by Starz and, with the release of Southwest T from prison this week, it's clear that Fif wants to remain on his good side.

Do you think Diddy will come through?