50 Cent is preparing to release his upcoming album Street King Immortal in the spring, and it looks as if the oft-delayed project might actually drop this time. Fif recently did a radio interview and talked a bit about his the video for “We Up”, his new single with Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne's recent comments about the NBA, and how the rap game is changing.

On “We Up”, Fif revealed that he had to cut one of his verses, because he wanted Kendrick on the track. “I pulled the verse off” he said, revealing that the first version of the video was filmed before he knew Kendrick was confirmed. He revealed they would refilm the video with Kendrick present. “We're gonna shoot a full video for the version with me, Kendrick and Kidd Kidd”.

Fif also talked a bit about his respect for up and comers in the game. “I'm waiting on Q”, he said, revealing he'd like to do another collabo with Black Hippy member Schoolboy Q. “I like to play with the new guys comin in'” said 50.

The Queens rapper also spoke of the new aesthetic of many young artists, and how he has taken influence from it. 50 admitted to taking influence from artists like Chief Keef, who film their own videos with little to no production value. “I don't want no girls, no whole bunch of people in the background, just me by myself, Fif said of the concept behind his “Financial Freedom” video. “They loved [Financial Freedom] because it's just back to the raw energy”, again referencing artists who now have the ability to be “makin' a video in their living room.”

“You can actually be recording [on your] laptop” he said, talking about how his career would be different if he was coming up today. “If the guy is really talented you could do it. I'd be getting beats online”.

The G-Unit leader also commented on Lil Wayne's recent remarks towards the NBA, and Chris Bosh. For a rapper who has called people out his entire career, 50 still seemed a little taken aback by the rant.“That was cold-blooded man”, he said. “I'm just not for all of that shit, I'm not built for that, that got to go”, he said jokingly. Though he concluded that Wayne is entitled to voice his opinion. “He can say what he want to say.”

When asked how he felt of Ja Rule's recent short-lived release, 50 revealed that he was not even aware of his former rival's situation.“Shit happens” he replied.

Listen to the full interview below.