In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev on Las Vegas' Hot 97.5, 50 Cent talked about his upcoming album, which is dropping on July 2nd.

He revealed the project is almost done, and explained why he's not going for his old sound, "When you say 'take it back,' you're not leaving any room for growth. You're staying 'Stay where you were ten years ago.' For me, it has that energy that they were attracted to on Get Rich or Die Tryin', all across the board. I just think the way I articulated things on this project, my choices, are better. I think I'm better. I'm thinkin' it out a little more. They'll get a chance to see where I am."  

He also shared some details on why Interscope Records dropped G-Unit Records, "The reason why G-Unit was dropped, so that the general public understands: the reason G-Unit was dropped from Interscope records was because the deal I gave them was so well-put-together for them that they were to receive $750,000 in advance on the next albums - each one of the artists. They gotta remove that in this climate of record sales."