A recent interview with L.A.'s Power 106 reveals rapper 50 Cent's next take on dramatic acting, as he discusses his new film Freelancers.

While he aims to take future tracks higher with collaborations by Pittsburgh's Wiz Khalifa and Atlanta's Young Jeezy, both graced in high esteem by 50, the artist is also honing in on even bigger names in the film industry. Potential projects with one Robert de Niro have fizzled out in the past, but 50 speaks on finally roping the Godfather veteran for upcoming crime drama Freelancers.

“It’s cool. I had an opportunity to meet him on a project that we never actually did together called Streets Of Blood... He passed on it cause he had some other things come up, more exciting for him at the time. And I ended up doing that project with Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. And then it came full circle and we actually worked on Righteous Kill. You see during that project I got him to do the cover of Vibe... we had fun there doing that and now it’sFreelancers.”

This new project will see Fif returning to New York roots, but from a very different perspective. The rapper may have grown up rough in South Jamaica, Queens, but this weekend will tell whether he can take that gruffness and channel it into an NYPD task force rogue convincing enough to earn his strides alongside A-list colleagues, including, not only De Niro, but the seasoned Forest Whitaker as well.

Freelancers, directed by Jessy Tererro, will be released in theaters this Friday, August 10th.