50 Cent, a veteran in the rap game, is always one to have some knowledge to drop on up-and-comers, in this case, Chief Keef. Although it seems 50 has taken a liking to Keef, what he doesn't like his the young rapper's work method--which apparently isn't really there at all, as Keef failed to show up for his video shoot with two big stars (50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa), for his album single ("Hate Bein Sober"), no less.

At the time of the incident, information on why Keef decided not to show up was lacking, and now 50 sheds some light on what happened while talking to Big Boi on Power 106. Although he likes Chief Keef, it seems he doesn't like the crew he's hanging around, as they are pumping up his ego a little too much.

"Look, as far as Chief Keef concerned, I'ma Chief Keef fan. I like what he is. 'Cause he something that's completely been created by the environment. That's what hip-hop was, initially," 50 Cent said in his interview with Big Boi. "I look at him and I go, his age, says my son would be Chief Keef if we didn't make it, you feel me? So I look it at and I go, like that, I like him. And I think he can blossom and grow into something better." 

Although 50 says they still shot the video, he hasn't talked to Keef since then. He did, however, call him that day, several times. "I called him, I talked to them on the telephone, his uncle, little homies around him, two or three times that day, saying, look, you gotta come...That environment is so hot to him, like he feel that he so hot in his circle, that they felt like he could actually do that, but the video still ain't shot. They sayin' they gunna put the song out as the CD comes out. The song is supposed to build the momentum to sell the CD. I'm like how you gunna sell records like that?"

The CD to which 50 is referring his Chief Keef's debut album through Interscope, Finally Rich, due out on December 18th.

Watch the interview below.