Last week on his birthday, 50 Cent released his mixtape 5 (Murder By Numbers) which was initially slated to be a full studio LP.  In an interview with MTV he explained the reasoning behind releasing a mixtape before his upcoming album, "What I’m releasing right now is a part of me wanting music out during the middle of the summer. I had a plan for myself: I wanted to have the new record come out during my birthday."  

Murder By Numbers is a callback to the old Fifty, and in the interview he also mentions how the sound on the record was his own because he didn't have to answer to the label, "I don’t really need label support for this project. It’s about the actual music, and I don’t think people buy what record label you’re on; I think they buy music or buy into the actual artist themselves." 

Speaking about Interscope, 50 also touched on his relationship with them, "[T]hey’re in full support of me now. We cleared up audit issues. That’s always an issue, when you get to the final album or the final requirement you end up going through the books with everything that you’ve done. Once those things are resolved, everyone is ready to get back to work, and that’s where we’re at."

His Interscope album, his fifth studio LP, is entitled Street King Immortal and due out in November.  Check out his latest mixtape 5 (Murder By Numbers)here.