50 Cent is suing former business partner Andrew Jameson for $800K in damages for falsely representing him to cable channel E!, reports TMZ.

50 reportedly paid Jameson $270,000 to make deals on his behalf. After their deal expired, Jameson allegedly went to E! without 50's permission to cut a deal for a reality show called "The Unit" set at G-Unit offices. Jameson wanted the show to feature "young white woman" to make it more sellable, a suggestion 50 found "highly offensive."

50's lawsuit is an attempt to recoup financial losses from his "severely damaged" relationship with NBC Universal, E!'s parent company, after he came in quashed the G-Unit reality show idea. According to TMZ, Jameson's lawyer Eric George had this to say: "His claims aren't worth 50 cents. In fact, Andrew is the one owed money -- several months of unpaid salary... and he's in arbitration to get it."

Stay tuned as the story develops.