This week, 50 Cent was mostly aiming his bullets at Floyd Mayweather after the boxer decided to voice his support for Gucci during their blackface sweater scandal. He's had fun with the champ, creating some hilarious memes and not disappointing with his content. It's clear that Floyd will be a major topic in this week's edition of Targets of the Week. If you thought that 50 Cent either forgot about his money or was just being a little easier on Teairra Mari, you were strongly mistaken. The rapper brought back his strife with the Love & Hip-Hop star after winning in her lawsuit against him. However, after a few months, Fiddy still hasn't seen the money that he has been awarded and he's still being petty on the net.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Bitch if you don’t give me my motherfucking Money," wrote the entrepreneur on Instagram. "What's taking you so long? Oh 😳you ain’t got no money." Ashanti accused Curtis of being a bully last year after his beef against Ja Rule, and he's bringing back his schoolyard ways now by hounding Teairra. In the past, he's said that if she doesn't pay up, he will get the money directly from LHH producers. It's looking more and more likely that he will need to take that route.

Do you agree with how Fif is going about his business against the reality star?