This morning, a terrorist by the name of Akayed Ullah set off a home-made pipe bomb at New York's Port Authority Bus terminal, close to Time's Square. The attack left four people injured (though not life-threatening), including Ullah, who was ultimately apprehended by police. According to CNN, the attacker told police he made the bomb at his workplace, and while it ultimately failed to claim any lives, the event left New Yorkers feeling shaken nevertheless. The bombing will no doubt open the door for some heated political discourse, as attacks of this nature tend to do, and it's only a matter of time before President Donald Trump issues a statement. 

However, another prominent New Yorker has already issued his own two cents, and as usual, 50 Cent holds nothing back. The Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper shared a picture of the headlines on his Instagram page, along with the caption "What the fuck is going on, my office is right there. 👀Take that bullshit down the block man smh." And while that may seem callous to some, it's likely that 50 Cent was feeling a little shaken up by his proximity to the attack. And since he's never exactly been the type to go off on a sentimental speech, this might be all we're going to get from the notorious rapper. 

It should be noted that Eminem once rapped a similar line on the Get Rich classic "Patiently Waiting," in which Marshall spits "Shady Records was eighty seconds away from the towers, them cowards fucked with the wrong building they meant to hit ours."