During a recent interview with Real 92.3 Los Angeles, 50 Cent was asked about his thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s retirement, which he believed was real but not cool.

Fif seemed genuinely sympathetic for Nicki when talking about her hanging it up. He explains that Nicki was going through a cycle that comes for all artists who reach a certain level of success. He noted fans will be excited that you made it but that excitement will eventually turn to impatience once the next generation is ready to break out. Fif explained that some people handle another generation by getting defensive while others embrace them and make new fans with the change. 

"All artists that establish themselves and have consistency, they start to feel a resistance at some point," he said. "And that backlash is coming from the artist community. We want to see you make it...but if you don't move how am I gonna have my chance to make it?”

50 Cent then goes on to imply that Nicki took the defensive position, especially given the history of rap and the way it pits its artists against each other. “Instinctively, anyone would be defensive if you gotta defend your position.”

However, this wasn’t the first time 50 has spoken on Nicki's retirement. "Both these n***as crazy, but you know you gotta love it SOUTH SIDE," 50 said in a tweet that featured a pic of Nicki and Kenneth Petty. "I don’t want Nicki Minaj to retire just take a break,” he added.

In addition to the Nicki, 50 talks about admiring Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar acting skills, speaking Spanish and more. Watch all that and more in the interview below. (Nicki retirement talks begins 8:22 mark).