50 Cent, who recently dropped his mixtape "The Big 10," spoke to XXL about one of the artists featured on that tape, Paris. Paris, a female emcee from Queens, was recently signed to 50's label.

50 says Paris has been working for sometime, and we can expect a mixtape from her in the near future:

“I’ve got a new artist, Paris. Her tape is to come out shortly after [Big 10]. She’s been working quietly for a long time before I said I wanted to sign her. She’s from Queens, she’s from Southside. It’s easier for me… The element for me, the material I really understand. I know everybody in a part of the story she’s telling. I’ve known her [for a while]. Remember the T.O.S. song, ‘Kitty Kat’ where the girl is going ‘I need cash for my kitty cat’? That was her vocals on that track.”

On his own music he says, “For real, moving forward, everything I do has to be the highest quality possible,” he shares. “I’m gonna mix and master everything. Em used to do that.  He would mix and master vocals [for mixtapes]. I’d be like ‘what are you doing?’ It takes me 30 mins to make the record, put it out and I’m done.  Now, I don’t want to anything out there to not be the best performance I can have because I can’t take it back.  For me, it’s not about actual record sales. I want everything I leave behind to be my best effort.  I’m gonna keep raising the bar.”