50 Cent isn't the type to let things go, as we've seen in the past. Over the 20+ years he's been in the game, he's built a reputation as a bully of sorts but he apparently doesn't look at it entirely as his own fault. In a recent interview with Brian "B High" Hightower, Irv Gotti delved into how he essentially blackballed 50 Cent until he inked a deal with Em and Dre which the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper sources as the reason why he is a bully of sorts.

"I blocked the n***a until he fell into Em and Dre's lap," Gotti said. "Labels would call me. And I was so hot with -- I was just the hottest thing. So I'd be like, 'Yo, if you fuck with him, I ain't fuckin' with you.' And they'd be like, 'We ain't fuckin' with him then, Gotti. Forget it.'" "I should've let some of the bullshit ass labels, or not bullshit labels, but just not labels with Em and Dre behind 'em. He had a deal with Sony before. It wasn't movin' like that. I block that n***a into a dream situation."

The universe works in mysterious ways. And perhaps if Irv Gotti didn't try and pull that on 50 Cent, Ja Rule might still have a viable career today. Unfortunately, it's moments like these that turn into lessons learned and 50 Cent wants everyone to know that Irv Gotti is the reason why he acts the way he does.

"Now everybody knows why i act the way i act. These sucka ass n***a’s be out here working against you, instead of working on their own shit. now look at them, all fucked up," he wrote. "B!tch ass n***as." 

Check out Fif's post below.