Clearly, the constant additions to the "piggy bank" circa 2004 were wise investments, laying the foundation for a truly Scrooge McDuckian fortune to blossom and grow. Though 50 Cent's days of besieging the music industry and all those within it appear to be long over, his presence has yet to fade; in fact, some might argue that the man has simply shifted lanes, and rather than taking to instrumentals to clown his opponents, he unleashes memes ad-infinitum. Yet little can stop him. Nor does anybody really want to, considering his propensity for clapping back with merciless reproach.

All things considered, being hip-hop's bonafide villain has paid off in spades. For a man of expensive tastes like 50 Cent, such proverbial "blood money" has found many-a-use. For one, it would appear he's somewhat of a watch aficionado, having amassed quite a respectable collection of rare and expensive timepieces. Despite nursing somewhat of a fever, 50 makes sure to showcase some of his favorites, including a diamond-encrusted Audemar Piget, an RM-1103 ("stop was trying to front like I have the little one, I have the big one"), and a couple more joints.

He also takes a moment to get sentimental by his own standards, revealing a new chain, complete with photo of himself and his youngest son. Suffice it to say, being a self-proclaimed member of the "TOP 5 dead or alive" society pays off. Should 50 be in the GOAT conversation? A case can certainly be made