In between trolling his rivals and teasing upcoming episodes (and prequels) of Power, 50 Cent is a master at Instagram. Despite his differences with the corporate office and their mission to continually censor his content, he's been a highlight of our timelines for years with his hilarious posts. Some have criticized him in the past as a bully and we can see where they're coming from, but most of the time, 50 is laughing with you. The entertainer decided not to follow everybody else and dress up in an elaborate Halloween costume yesterday. Instead, he let Photoshop do all the work for him.

This wasn't his costume per se but 50 Cent shared an image of himself as one of the most popular singers in the world: The Weeknd. It's been a while since Abel has released a project with My Dear Melancholy, marking the last time we heard a collection of music from him but he's been all over the news recently. His relationship with Bella Hadid seems to be moving along strongly as Abel poked fun at himself, rocking a "Blame Bella" cap after fans assumed she was to blame for the lack of music. His iconic style has many fans, of which 50 Cent can count himself among. The rapper thought he would see how he looks with Weeknd's iconic hairstyle and... let's just say he's considering leaving it to the pros. Weeknd hasn't had that haircut in years but it's stuck around for far longer than his locks.

Do y'all think he can rock this look or should he just stick to the basics?