G-Unit only reunited at the beginning of the month, but they already have a number of new tracks under their belt. While 50 initially announced plans for an album from the group, speculation arose in light of the freestyles that a mixtape may too be in the works. Fif confirmed this rumor last week, and in a new interview with MTV has shared a few more details concerning the projects..

"We just getting back to how we did it in the very beginning," said 50 of the mixtape plans. "We going to start over and work like we need a record deal. We just continue to put music out. While we’re putting that music out, we’re making the coolest original content and letting that be there for the actual album. But, there will be a full tape that comes out before that."

The rapper then explained that each member has written plenty of verses in the time since the group was together, with some members reaching back to unused ideas on new material. "Creatively everyone kind of keeps up with each other," he said. "They don’t want to be left behind [so] they’ll give you something that they had if they don’t actually come up with it on the spot right there. It’s so much content. They’ve written a lot of music away from me. So I don’t know what portions of what they coming up with is what they JUST came up with or something that they had an idea and been working with for a while. But it’s all up to standards." 

As far as the album is concerned, 50 says that the direction will be determined when they find a particular record to go off. "The formula we used to make albums in the past. I'd come up with one joint that kind of felt like-- this is what the record should be like. Then we sequenced the rest of the records following that record."

Watch the interview below.