50 Cent is slaughtering social media today with a variety of takes on St Valentine's day. He spares no probable outcome for the day's events. Some of us get luckier than others. Since Valentines Day arranges itself to be a headache for a lot of people, 50 takes the opportunity to step on the gas. Here are some of his memorable moments on social today.

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His first meme focuses on the notion of unwanted attention. A man pictured from the neck down stands in the shadows as he awaits acknowledgement from his would be Valentine ##stalker.

The second post shows the same presumed individual showing up a light and catching the ire of his would be Valentine ##cheapskate.

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While the 3rd post expresses a cherishable sentiment of "perseverance in love", the 3 final posts veer off to the freaky side. Pictured below the final post where he expresses deep satisfaction over cutting out a toxic ex-partner.

Thank you 50, i think you've got it covered. Go check out the rest of his gags courtesy @50cent