The man perhaps responsible for revolutionizing how rappers market their albums with pushing mixtapes with production and testing out singles on them first is 50 Cent.  He released his 5 (Murder By Numbers) mixtape this past summer as a prelude to his upcoming fifth studio release, which he now says has been pushed back even further.  Fif also sheds some light on Dre’s Detox, and talks about collabos on SKI.

One of the kings of marketing in hip hop, the G-Unit General usually has a pattern that he follows where he releases an album, then tours, and afterwards begins production on his next project, but studio issues caused this album to be heavily delayed.  While the album is not officially pushed back, don’t expect to see it on shelves on November 13th. 

“The actual album is scheduled to release November 13th, we haven’t moved the date yet,” 50 says and elaborates on his usually ‘cycle’, “The actual album, it’s already a year late.  It’s usually two years in my cycle...on this actual cycle it was a lot longer cause it’s the final album requirement for Interscope," Fif added in an interview (via XclusivesZone). 

Sounds like the album could be worth the wait, as Fifty compares it to two of his classics, “ I finished it, I’m comfortable with the actual album.  I feel it’s arguably as good, if not better, than what I did in the beginning with Get Rich[Or Die Trying] and The Massacre.”

50 even revealed that one of the cuts off Street King Immortal was originally slated to be on a Dr. Dre album, “’My Life’ is a song that was originally recorded for The Detox.” He also doesn’t know how motivated his long-time collaborator is, but does know Dr. Dre has been in the studio.  “I don’t know if he’s even excited to do it now...last I was in Los Angeles, he was actually in the studio,” 50 added that it may not be an LP, “I’m not sure if he’s gonna actually release a full CD or the music he’s comfortable with.  He might do an EP or something like that.

In addition to confirmed features from Eminem, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and Trey Songz, Fifty added that Too $hort will be on Street King Immortal.  As of now, the release date of the album is unknown.