50 Cent is usually known to be a joker on social media, but after his family suffered a tragedy, he chose to instead use Instagram to share some heartfelt messages.

Earlier, 50 posted a picture of a young man sitting on a briefcase and playing an electric guitar. The caption reads, "R.l.P To da homie Ro Ro God Bless. Gone to soon young angel . 👼 #familyties." In the comments, 50 clarifies that Ro Ro was his son Sire's cousin, and that he was "real cool person."

Sire is only around 5 years old, and death can be a confusing concept to young children. Sire, however, seems to be dealing with the loss well, and 50 posted a follow up video on Instagram to share Sire's reaction with his followers.

In the video, Sire is seen eating dinner. He asks his mom whether or not she'll be sad forever since Ro went to heaven, to which she responds that she will be, in her heart. Sire then says he wont be sad, because he's tough, but acknowledges that it's okay not to be tough all the time. His mom then asks him what he'd say to Ro, and Sire responds "Do you want to join us for dinner?"

The video is very sweet, and 50 seems to agree. He captioned the post, "My BM is doing such a good job with my son. He already acts like he me, smh l watched this video a million times. We lost a family member recently his mom is helping him understand."

You can watch the video of Sire down below: