During last year’s BET Awards a slew of fights broke out, and one of them was between MMG rapper Gunplay and members of 50 Cent’s entourage.  It was reported that during the altercation that Gunplay’s MMG chain was snatched.  Now in a 50’s latest video, “Major Distribution”, an MMG chain makes an appearance and many believe that it is the Florida rapper’s.  In a recent interview with MTV, Fif addresses whose chain it is.

In the video, which features Young Jeezy and Snoop, the chain is draped around a young kid, and this appeared to be a jab at Ricky Rozay’s squad, especially since his long-time rival, the Snowman, makes an appearance.  But the G-Unit General maintains that the chain is just a replica that he had made specifically for the video.

Talking to MTV, Fifty says, "It came from a jeweler. Jewelers, they made it. Yeah, we got it and ended up putting it in the video. That's what rappers do: Rappers put jewelry in videos.  He then comparedit to A$AP Rocky paying homage to Death Row, "I thought it would be unexpected, like when you see A$AP [Rocky] with a Death Row hat on. It's cool, it's interesting. You look and say, 'Wait, something is out of place'...[but the] rumors today, you can't believe everything you hear on the Internet. It's crazy."

Usually 50 Cent is one who embraces beef, so it would seem he is telling the truth, but this does seem odd, especially considering the video that surfaced earlier with 50 sporting what was believed to be Gunplay’s chain, bowling in a video. 

[Via HHDX]