50 Cent hasn't been able to leave Meek Mill alone lately. Ever since Meek took some shots at 50 (in defense of his MMG boss, Rick Ross), Fif has been taking every opportunity to denounce the rapper, whether it be through a constant stream of Instagram memes, or addressing him on stage to the glee of a "Fuck Meek Mill"-chanting crowd.

In a recent conversation with DJ Sense, Meek came up once again, with Fif criticizing the way he often brings other people into his feuds unnecessarily.

“You know, he’s really not that bright. That kid is not that bright" he said. "The easiest thing you can do is bring other people into the statements you’re saying, right, while you’re writing music. Not for them to be involved, but just to mention them. When he mentioned AR-Ab, from Drake's perspective, it turned into the kid being on stage saying "Fuck AR-Ab. I don't understand why he did that. It’s a special kind of stupid going on over here because you took something that was completely non-threatening with Drake and this one and turned it into something that could potentially turn into something he bumps into in Philly."

50 then referenced Meek bringing Future into his Drake beef, something that Meek explained was a misunderstanding, but didn't stop Fif from turning it into an example of the rapper's approach to beef.

"He watches anyone who goes next to the person that he has that passion for and he attacks that person," he suggested. "He said some shit about Future, it’s because they collaborated on an album together so if you’re with him you’re against me. You have the least opportunity to beat these guys with the momentum they have at this moment. The Future thing, Drake, it’s the same thing. Future’s just more hood to me.”

Listen to the full 40 minute conversation below.