50 Cent is no stranger to beef, so it's no surprise he has a few opinions concerning the recent back-and-forth between Drake and Jay Z. An extensive sit-down with HOT 97's Funkmaster Flex found him giving his take on the perceived feud, which he feels had something to do with issues Drake and Kanye had experienced beforehand.

He also addressed a few other topics, including the current status of his relationship with Nas, as well as the rumor that G-Unit will be reuniting at 50's Summer Jam performance this June.

Read some excerpts from the sit-down below.

On Drake and Jay Z's feud: 

I think its good, man. I don’t think its a dangerous competition for Jay at all. He's got a lot of things he could pull. Of course because he's accomplished himself in so many ways, they're gonna have him under a different scrutiny... of let's say the 'conservative' audience.

On who'll have the advantage:

Its going to be what musical choices [they make], the production choices count too… its the same “Ether” versus the other joint ["Takeover"].

On where the beef stemmed from:

I thought it was something he inherited from Kanye, 'cause they had that for a while going back and forth. I think it happens that way. It's natural that this takes place at some point. Drake is with Wayne, and Jay had issues with Wayne, while Drake had issues with Kanye.

On his relationship with Nas:

We good. I went to see him, he was in New York recently at the Beacon Theatre. He was doing rehearsals and running through the actual show, because it was like the 20th anniversary of Illmatic. I didn’t go to the concert, I went to see him ahead of the concert when he was actually doing rehearsals. He called earlier that week and he was like ‘Yo you going to Summer Jam, you got to tell whats getting ready to happen because I know. I know you got something crazy planned I just got to make sure we’re in the loop.’

On the possibility of a G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam:

There’s a possibility for us to do things, but they got to get themselves together. I think its the work, when you start to see the activity and the progress from them as individuals that you do it.