50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are back at it again. In the most recent string of insults exchanged between the two frenemies, Fif and Floyd have taken the allegations to new heights with 50 reigniting the beef earlier this month when he accused Floyd Mayweather (not Trey Songz) of being the man behind the affair that led to the murder/suicide carried out by late rapper Earl Hayes against his wife and himself in 2014. Floyd’s own arsenal included a screenshot of himself on FaceTime with 50 Cent’s estranged son Marquise.

Most recently, 50 Cent referred to Floyd as a “little brother” despite all the beef while still taking a shot at The Champ in the process. “Don’t tell him I said this, I know he can’t read this shit LOL,” he wrote.

As suspected, the gesture was far from an olive branch and now 50 has returned with more fuel for the fire. This time around, the rapper and Power star made reference to Mayweather’s strained relationship with boxer Gervonta Davis.

“There’s something about @gervontaa That reminds me of Tyson he got that killer in him. If it wasn’t boxing, it would be armed robbery,” Fif wrote in an Instagram caption. “I told him be careful with Floyd. he get mad over little shit then start talking about putting him in dog fights all kinda foul shit. I know it sound crazy Champ is a winner, but he don’t like other winners around it take the light off him. get the strap.”

50 Cent’s new statement is in alignment with a series of tweets that Davis uploaded back in May, in which he accused his former mentor of not wanting to see him win.

Naturally, only time will tell where the latest iteration of 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather JR.’s beef is headed.