It's no secret that the once-strong walls of G-Unit have been crumbling for some time, with Tony Yayodeclaring that money ruined the group last year, and 50 Centstopping short of saying the group was "dead" earlier this month. But today we received what might be the final nail in the coffin.

Fif, speaking to DJ Cosmic Kev on Philadelphia's Hot 99 station, said he has absolutely no contact with Tony Yayo or Lloyd Banks, and declared the group "dismantled." Echoing some of his thoughts from the aforementioned earlier interview, 50 Cent said that his former musical partners lost all their potential fame and star power by "being kids about it," wasting their money and not working hard enough.

After berating Banks and Yayo for quite a while, 50 was asked by Kev if he was even in contact with the rest of G-Unit anymore, to which he responded that he doesn't even have either of their phone numbers. Quoth Fiddy: "My New Years resolution was not talking to people [like that]."

Kev kept pressing, asking 50 Cent what it would take to record with the rest of G-Unit again, and he said, "If they made music that was impressive, and I actually would get on a record if you sent it to me to feature on the record, I would be on the song." But as it stands now, at least in Fiddy's mind, his former homies are acting "half-retarded." He even said he wouldn't bail Banks or Yayo out if they were in dire circumstances. 

The interview continued with talks of 50 Cent's upcoming album, his confrontation with Steve Stoute, and beefs with Fat Joe and Ja Rule. Listen to the full 40+ minute interview below.