We’ve been hearing about 50 Cent’s Street King Immortal now for years, but several business ventures and group projects have caused for many delays. Well good news has surfaced tonight as it finally looks like we’re getting close to hearing 50 Cent's next solo album.

Calling into Jenny Boom Boom on 93.7 in Hartford, Connecticut on Wednesday, Fif talked about several things going on in his life at the moment, including Effen Vodka, SMS Audio, Frigo underwear line, and most importantly an update on that SKI project..

After talking about Lloyd BanksCold Corner 3 and the videos that are being shot right now for it, Fif announced that he’s getting ready to release the first single off SKI early next month. Fif says on the airwaves,

“You gon' get somethin' from me memorial weekend Imma come out with a single probably off of a Street King Immortal…. And maybe June 2, Ill release the single.”

So there ya have it, straight from 50 Cent’s mouth. Listen to the interview below. (around the 7-minute mark 50 Cent gives SKI update)

Who’s excited for Fif's next solo album?