50 Cent's son continues to bro down with his father's enemies. Marquise Jackson seems to have inherited the troll gene from Fif, deciding to take a unique approach to rebelling against his father. A few weeks back he openly endorsed Slowbucks, a rapper 50 has been feuding with since a now infamous chain-snatching incident at Summer Jam 2014, and has now taken a photo with Floyd Mayweather, who his father has been mocking on social media over the past few weeks.

Marquise posted a picture of himself hanging out with Floyd on Facebook, casually captioning it, “With Tank and Floyd". So far 50 has not commented publicly on any of his son's recent acts of defiance.

50 was criticized earlier this year for missing Marquise's high school graduation. It's not clear if that event is what inspired the photos.

Check out the pic of Marquise and Mayweather in the gallery above.