Curtis Jackson is known nowadays as an entrepreneur as much as an artist, actor, and producer. From a Forbes-reported hundred million dollar endorsement with Coca-Cola for Vitamin Water, to launching the G-Unit Clothing, to becoming a boxing promoter, 50 Cent has clearly taken his claim to "get rich or die trying" seriously. 

The release of the cover art for 50's new workout book, in affiliation with's editor-in-chief Jeff O'Connell, marks the next big venture for this Queens-bred chameleon. The book is entitled, "Formula 50," borrowing from the grape flavoured energy drink label that began Fiddy's foray into the health business. The two exercise buff authors together promise to divulge a six week strategy for getting and maintaining a ripped physique.  

Fifty told radio station 102.5 KDON this week: "my concept of strength is physical, mental and spiritual…When I was on 'All Things Fall Apart' I had to lose so much weight that I just was on a liquid diet for nine weeks and then I started trying to put the weight on… I wanna be back to the size I was when I released "In Da Club," on Get Rich Or Die Tryin'."

There's no denying the striking image of the rapper's first debut, nor the legitimacy of a claim to teach real physical and mental strength by a man who has gotten shot nine times, and lived to do another push-up. 

The publication will be released in stores and on iTunes on the mercifully convenient date of December 27th.