50 Cent has been readying his wares for a protracted siege against Tieairra Mari, who has proven to be a more resilient foe than originally anticipated. After all, not even the most powerful clairvoyant could have expected Mari to drop a diss track. Claiming to have ended his career, Mari left the battlefield feeling confident in her victory, though she might have been wise to keep her eye on her foe. 50 Cent has been known to orchestrate from behind the scenes, a hip-hop variant of Tywin Lannister. Sometimes, wars can be won with pens and papers.


While Mari was busy gloating, 50 was putting his legal team to work. The Get Rich icon has officially unveiled his new merch line, which proudly uses Mari's own slogan against him. "Somebody forgot to trademark this, so I'll just take it," says 50, ruthlessly on brand. It's unclear whether the shirts will ultimately sell, but the move feels like somewhat of a symbolic victory. Mari had recently rolled out a line of "I Ain't Got It" merchandise, which may very well be canceled in the imminent future should 50 have his way. 

Still, Mari will likely continue to keep her slogan alive in spirit, in the sense that, where 50's money is concerned, she simply does not have it. At least, by her own admission. Should 50 remain keen in his pursuits, there's no telling how this one might play out. Perhaps Mari would be wise to simply pay up, before this one gets even messier than it already has.