Over the past several years, many people have been wondering what exactly happened to Kanye West when he had his mental breakdown. Reports initially said it was due to exhaustion, however, Kanye later revealed that he was submitted into rehab for his opioid use. Earlier today, he provided more context and revealed it was due to the fact that he underwent liposuction surgery during an emotional rant. Of course, it didn't take long for 50 Cent to share his reaction to Kanye West's recent reveal.

50 Cent took to his favorite social media platform to chime in on Kanye West's recent appearance on TMZ. While he didn't comment on Kanye's controversial statements on slavery, he did seem to find Kanye's liposuction surgery hella entertaining. "Wait what, 😳 that’s what a bitch do when she want a Fat ass. LOL," he said in the caption.

Fif's voice is heard in the background as Kanye West explains his scenario with opioids. "High as a mothafucka," he said while Kanye addressed his addiction. 50 continues to egg Kanye on from the computer screen until he reveals he had plastic surgery. 50 then says, "n*gga, WHAT?!" before laughing hysterically. 

50 had a lot of jokes to get off today. Prior to this, he continued trolling both Jim Jones and Hell Rell on Instagram. Either way, it's good to know someone found some humor in all of this.