50 Cent's mockery of Bow Wow started up again this afternoon, his underlying motive being: the tacked-on interest he forgot to tabulate when he wiped the slate clean in the month of June. If you'll recall, Bow Wow was accused of stealing 50's hard-earned cash during a romp at the strip attended by many famous observers.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

From there, things escalated to the point where Fofty began referring to the Summer months as the "Bow Wow War" before it reached its end. Fast forward to this afternoon, and Bow Wow's career downfall was once again, plastered on the face of the teleprompter for all to see. "If you didn’t act crazy you could have been at TYCOON now you stuck in London. LOL," 50 Cent languished on Instagram, at Bow Wow's expense if that wasn't already obvious.

Rather than sit there and idle, Bow Wow responded the gag in the comments, by assuring 50 Cent that he was doing well financially. "Hahahahaha motherf****** im getting this bag tho bro! Yall turn up for me," he wrote, before crawling to the kitchen for another hot pocket. No need for the coast guard this time around, as the constituents appear to be sun-soaked, delirious, and completely out of quarters.